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For Sale: ProCo Turbo RAT Distortion

Soda Jerk

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Ive had this for a couple of months, but it has barely been used. Used a couple of times in my own home and a couple at Captain Toms. Bought on a whim, as I just wanted something fuzzy and messy. Its a great unit, but the band I was going to use it in fell through and now I dont have much use for it. Its just sat with all my other pedals, looking really cool, but just not what Im needing right now. Built like a tank, and it weighs down my guitar case something fierce when it is inside. Heavy bastard. Ideal for putting in front of an already dirty amp, or after an OD pedal, for a filthy boost. Works great through a clean sound for a sludgey, grungey growl.

Still boxed, with the manual and even the receipt for 89 from Bruce Millers on 15/05/2009


Offers/trades will be considered.

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