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New Hidden Leaves studio recordings

Darth Elvis

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Hey folks,

We have just uploaded two new studio recordings to our myspace page that we recorded with Mark Nicol at Exile at the end of May. The tracks No Dying in Machines and Mr E are from our forthcoming No Dying in Machines E.P.

Please let us know your thoughts as we appreciate your feedback and take everything on board.



Hidden Leaves


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Guest idol_wild

I finally got round to stopping by for a listen.

I think I can see what you're trying to do with No Dying in Machines by creating a sort of minimal post-punky atmosphere with nice synths and sparingly used guitar, but it doesn't quite hit it and it comes across a bit too stadium rock for me - especially with the combination of the guitar (notes played and tone) and the synth. The song does have some redeeming features, though. I can't help but feel if you really noised it up, this song could come across quite well. I'd go for some big aggressive shoegazey guitars and fill out the sound. But then, that's my personal preferences creeping through.

I prefer Mr E out of the two new ones, but again I think it's let down by the lack of punch when the chorus hits. Perhaps it's an over-reliance on the vocal trying to lift the chorus up, but some big guitars in there would be ace.

I'm liking Built On Lies. Nicely structered and well-crafted rock song. :up:

I'll be along on the 23rd to offer some toe-tapping and hand-clapping between your songs, yo. It's been quite a while since I saw Hidden Leaves.

PS - Feel free to discredit my opinion; it counts for very little.

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