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2 x Weekend Tickets for T in the Park For Sale


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I've got 2 weekend tickets without camping for T for sale, just looking for face value so 300 for the pair.

Have also got camping for sale at nearby Lethangie camp site, this is booked for 2 people at 60, ideally I want to sell the tickets and the camping passes together so first offer of 360 for both secures them.

I can't recommend Lethangie enough by the way, it's in Kinross itself, there's heaps o shuttle buses running for a couple of quid so it's easy to get to, you can walk it in half an hour if you're that way inclined. Less neds, knobs and wierdos than the main campsite, a much better atmosphere in general, and they actually clean the toilets. :up:

Lethangie Camp Site, Kinross, T in the Park, The Camping and Caravanning Club

Tickets are in hand, PM me if you're interested.


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