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  1. http://www.music123.com/Musician-s-Gear-Tubular-Guitar-Stand--Black-451058-i1322954.Music123 Try this for a stand. Cheap as chips, I've had mine for years and never had any problems with it, seems to suit the thunderbird spot on.
  2. Nah, fraid not. Unless I manage to sell the tickets on their own, I'll let you know if I do.
  3. Still got these if there's any takers...
  4. Hi, I've got 2 weekend tickets without camping for T for sale, just looking for face value so 300 for the pair. Have also got camping for sale at nearby Lethangie camp site, this is booked for 2 people at 60, ideally I want to sell the tickets and the camping passes together so first offer of 360 for both secures them. I can't recommend Lethangie enough by the way, it's in Kinross itself, there's heaps o shuttle buses running for a couple of quid so it's easy to get to, you can walk it in half an hour if you're that way inclined. Less neds, knobs and wierdos than the main campsite, a much better atmosphere in general, and they actually clean the toilets. Lethangie Camp Site, Kinross, T in the Park, The Camping and Caravanning Club Tickets are in hand, PM me if you're interested. Cheers.
  5. As the title says were looking for a female keyboard player who can do backing vocals, harmonies etc for a newly formed covers band based in aberdeen. Were aiming to start off doing the pub covers thing, but once were further down the road will look at playing weddings/functions etc so will be playing a broad range of stuff, and hopefully make some extra pocket money as well. We generally practise once a week, and although we aim to be up there with the best covers bands in Aberdeen come time were in it for the enjoyment more than anything else, so were looking for someone like-minded who can fit in, are good at what they do and likes to have a joke along the way. Drop me a PM if youre interested. Cheers.
  6. Anyone got any old drum bags you can part with? Not looking for anything exiting, just for putting a cheap kit in the loft so not fussy about the condition, as long as it covers them that'll do fine. Have already got a symbols case, so just bass, 2 rack toms, floor tom & snare needed. cheers.
  7. taz

    T in the park

    have managed to swap this now so no longer available.
  8. taz

    T in the park

    Anyone have a Saturday ticket for T that they want to swap for a sunday? Am not looking to sell it, have an extra sunday and no saturday so just want to do a straight swap. Send me a PM if you're interested. Cheers.
  9. So many replies... Oh? Tell me more... Hey dude, how the hell are you? I've sent you a PM Yeah, remember you mate, cheers for that, and to you guys. Well thanks for that, we did have a couple of good bass players over the years, except when we had this boy Gomes, really scraping the bottom of the barrel there...
  10. The arabic signature was Chris, the old guitarist. He's away to start training to be a pilot. Be afraid... Daniel Middleton is the singer, me & him are both from Ellon (my sunday name is Taran Paice) if that rings any bells.
  11. Ha, he's nearing his sell by date anyway so as long as you're playing the cd your in with a chance! The singer is indeed now playing guitar again, was only while his hand was plastered that we had the other guy in. The sounds not far off what it was before, we're still doing some of the old tunes but workin on new stuff as well, but with having a different lead guitarist the sound has changed a bit, guess you'll just have to come see us and see what you make of it. Good to see there's still interest like, been nearly 2 years since we last played.
  12. Nice to know we're still remembered (i'm the bass player), have a new lead guitarist, (Scott Laird) although he was in the band when it first started up, but otherwise the same old faces. We're aiming to set up a gig for May sometime so will keep you posted. Cheers, Taz.
  13. How much would you be after for the pod?
  14. Does anyone know what the scoop is with tickets bought on e-bay being rejected at the gate? I got mine on ebay, and i've just heard on the radio that they ain't letting folk in, something about logging the ticket numbers that went through ebay. Don't know how they intend to police that, just wondered if anyone had any idea exactly what they're trying to do about it, and how i get round it. Will not be impressed if i get turned away! Cheers.
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