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les paul custom for sale (lefty.)

Craig ybgiR

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need rent urgently...cash for my rent got stolen, so could possibly end up homeless pretty soon...

so im selling my les paul :(

its an Epiphone Les Paul Custom. (left handed)

black one, pick guards been removed, but its in the hardcase. pickups have been swapped out for EMGs, its using the Zakk Wylde EMG kit, 81 bridge, 85 neck.

theres also a small dimebag darrell sticker near the bridge of the guitar...this could be removed if you wanted it to be!

comes with epiphone fitted hardcase. Unfortunately the original pickups are long gone, gave them to a friend who was building a guitar!

in total this guitar came to close to 600 including the pickups... im looking for 350ish.

i REALLY dont want to see this guitar go, its :swearing: brilliant!! but its the only one of my guitars thats in a good enough condition (in my opinion) to sell to others. this one hasn't been thrashed :)

need a quick sale.. 350

a blurry photo (only one of it...) can be seen on this link

Photo Album

if you need any more info on it, or want to try it out, i live in the bridge of don area. so dont hesitate to gimme a shout!

must remind you...this is a LEFT handed guitar.

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