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Be A Familiar, I See Shapes, French Wives, Mark McCabe - 23 July @ Tunnels

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AGP presents



Just as their name asks, so did the colorful concoction Be A Familiar

spring into existence through familiarity. The vibrancy that you will

hear in the sound of their music, stems from the immediate closeness

found in a group of seven musicians stirred together, in eagerness, to

tell their individual tales. Founding members Chris Pashley and Callum

Morrison set out with a clear vision of what Be A Familiar would gently

grow into: a band with a very powerful yet modest self-awareness,

which has generated an exuberance in their music, [The Skinny] that

pulls in an eclectic fan base. The complete line up was formed over time

and it is the diversity of each Familiar which allows for their enriched

depth of sound and overwhelming stage presence.

The band were signed to a two single deal with Broken Friend Records

in early 2008 before they had ever performed live and after their first

performance Be A Familiar relentlessly gained momentum. By their

third show and with wide-eyed hope they sprung through the T-Break

heat with their surprisingly tight and energetic sound [skinny]

winning a place on the T-Break stage at T in the Park 2008. Since then

they have continuously demolished the boundaries set for a seven-piece

orchestral rock/pop band in its tender youth. The summer of 2008 saw

the band play Rockness, T in the Park and Go North as well as touring

Scotland, London and Ireland. Be A Familiar have played persistently,

including a live performance on BBC Radio 1 with Vic Galloway, who

claimed that the band were ones to watch out for in 2009! Not only

was their first single Pain in the Heart received as a future classic!

(Jim Gellatly) but their second split single with German band Green

Apple Sea sent them to Germany where the reception and high demand

was astounding.

Summer 2009 sees the band recording the beginnings of their mini-album

with Tony Doogan and the release of their third single Youd

Make a Great Ghost, (a split single with Glenrothes band Tango in the

Attic). Be A Familiars live shows are energetic, passionate

performances which will leave audience haunted by authentic Scottish

tones, touched by the sincerity of the lyrics and their minds stamped

with an understated cacophony of goodness (Dicelines) which the

bands ever?present enthusiasm and playful demeanor delivers.

Support from I SEE SHAPES and more tbc soon

Tickets 5 from One Up and Welcome to TicketWeb! and this show is part of our 2 for 1 mix n match deal at MySpace.com - AGP(Next show: THE MUSCLE CLUB - July 1st@Tunnels) - 27 - Male - UK - www.myspace.com/aberdeengigpromotions


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