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URGENT - I need an accoustic bass guitar. ASAP!


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Hello there,

Please help me! I am playing an acoustic show with my band at Rockness next weekend, which is to be recorded for Radio 1.

There is to be no percussion, so its just going to be a few of us playing through a couple of our tunes acoustically. I really need to either buy or borrow someones acoustic bass guitar, as no electrics are allowed!

If you are a kind hearted and trusting fellow, and want to help me out by lending me your bass, I would be in your debt forever! I always look after my gear and I assure you it will return in perfect condition. If it does not, I will pay for repair/replacement.

On the other hand if you are willing to part with yours for a reasonable price please PM me.

I dont have long left!!

Thank you!!


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I have a Ridgewood acoustic Bass that I never use, I think you should buy it off me and use the baby to write some new music on. I bought it a few years back from R&B Music, I just liked the sound of it, it's got a gig bag and a black leather strap. 100 and it's yours, send me a pm and we can talk... phil

You know all I'll do with the money is spend it on cymbals and heads...

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