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F/S: Warwick Streamer Stage 1 Bass

Eternal Idol

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I have up for sale my Warwick Streamer Stage 1 bass guitar.

It is in a used condition, it has been gigged extensively but still sounds amazing.

It may need a wee bit of an overhaul due to a bit of earthing buzz going on, I have not opened it up and had a look yet. I am sure it is a very small minor job.

The finish is not the best. The bottom part of the body has some of the finish removed and there is cracks on the finish. This does not effect the performance of the bass just does not look too great. I have covered this area with duct tape to try and prevent it from worsening and to add extra padding to it when being transported in its gig bag.






Looking for around 450 but due to the cosmetic damage I am open to offers.

I would also consider part exchange for guitar cab(s) or a decent guitar.

p.s. the pics look different as some are from when I had it listed on ebay and changed my mind and the other (darker) ones where taken just yesterday.

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