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Guitar n Amp for sale

Alan Badge

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Duesenberg Starplayer TV,

Sunburst finish with gold sparkle scratchplate (Sounds horrid but it's cool). Bigsby style trem, humbucker in bridge and a P90 style in the neck. C/W fitted hardcase.

Guitar is immaculate apart from a laquer crack at neck join, defo not structural ive had it checked out when it got set up recently.

650 o.n.o

Fender Twin Reverb.

Blackface model with black knobs, 3 channels, clean, crunch, lead, all footswtitchable. Footswitch included.

I dont know much about Fender amps, so i dont know the age or where it was made but any questions i'll have a peep at the amp and try and answer. I presume the amp is anything up too 5 years old.

These amps are 1100 new so im looking for 550

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