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Here's an off the wall suggestion but it does have some merit. Over the umm 6 years I've been visiting here there's been a fair few people banned. A lot of them were dicks, but some of them were also interesting in a weird way. Although the site is a nicer place without them, it's also a poorer place without them.

So here is my suggestion (and I'm 100% serious abut this). Have a Trolls forum. Instead of banning someone make it so that they can only post in the trolls forum. Make it so that the trolls forum is only visible to members and not the general public/google. That way if anyone wants to go in and bait the trolls that's their decision.

Think about it:

Testing Forum

This forum is for testing out and playing with the features of the forums. Please note that the contents of this forum is routinely deleted.

The Lounge

This forum is open to all supporters, sponsors and staff only. So please, stop by, kick back and relax...

The Troll Cave

Enter at your own risk!


I think it has a nice ring to it. It would certainly be a lively forum being mainly populated by psychopaths (sorry I meant unfortunate people with ASPDs) and the odd person seeking a cheap thrill.

Fuck it I'll post a poll with this thread :)

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