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TNA impact


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I just got and completed TNA impact on the xbox 360. I have mixed thoughts on it I felt overall it was a good first game I think they have much to improve on.

I felt the graphics were great though the characters moved alittle sluggishly not as fast or natural moving as on the its WWE counterparts.

I think the creation system needs alittle more depth and the move system needs more in it. Also its devoid of any kind of stats system. So you cant really develope your own characters.

This game I think shines the most on its story mode it has the most indepth engaging story mode since the old WWE games. You really get into it. Only improvement I would give would be alittle more freedom to choose your path.

The Ultimate X matches are alot of fun, lots of unlockables aswell thats fantastic really gives you something to work towards.

One thing that really ticked me off on this game was the reversals system guys can reverse stuff as if gravity wasnt even a element theyd turn a fire mans carry into a neck breaker. Plus the reversal system is a bitch to get used to and its not always 100% even though your opponents seem to display the opposite. Also its abit dicey because after the first reversal if your reversal is reversed you dont know which direction to push to reverse his reversal of your reversal....... truely confusing stuff indeed :S.

Anyway ultimately Id give this game a personal rating of 5 out of 10. Purely based on the graphics and story mode as its strong points. Which means Id suggest you buy if you played the latest games and completed them and you were bored and wanted to whoop some wrestler ass.

What are your thoughts on this game?

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It's a dirty 1000 achievement points, pretty cheap to pick up now too. That's all I have to say about it. I've not played it and have never played any wrestling games on the 360 thus far as generally they have turned out all the same with just but a few presentational differences.

Also UFC is out this friday and again I have no intentions of playing that just yet. I don't see why everyone is ecstatic about the demo that came out because it feels and plays like any THQ game, slow and repetitive.

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