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Peavey 65w Combo Amp

Paul G

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Peavey Express 112 - 65w combo guitar amp


I've had this for years and feel a bit sad about parting with it, but just don't have space for a spare in my flat any more. This has a proper spring reverb, none of your digital pish, which sounds great. It has a regular transistor overdrive channel and a "supersat" overdrive switch which emulates tube amp distortion. Also has an effects loop. The amp's a bit tatty as I've had it for years now. A little crackly, but great as a practice amp. It's just loud enough to use in a band, unless your drummer hits really hard. I replaced the speaker a fair while ago too, so it's had a bit of an upgrade. Anyone interested is more than welcome to have a go with it before buying. Please give this a good home!

PM me here if you'd like this one.




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