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cryoverbillionaires / The Void + support @ The tunnels - 9th June

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The Void capture listeners through a dynamic and structured piece of music which is guided by inspirational and innovative lyrics. Each note and rhythm is carefully pieced together to bond with emotional and connectable vocal harmonies.

Their energetic live performances are emphasized with guitar jabs, alternative rhythms and mid sections that will make your jaw drop. With a variety of calm and loud sections mixed with unique timing and epic pauses they will leave you wanting more.

cryoverbillionaires are a 3 piece alternative rock band from edinburgh, we love anything that is real, we love rocking out, keep rocking out...

"there is a chance for everyone to find hopeless romance in complex"

"edinburgh's best kept secret"- Cab Vol

"I do love a melody trying desperately to break out of a wall of sound. Not that its tunes over screaming feedback or anything.. that would be doing them a sever injustice. What they actually do is a full blooded take on disco punk (though more punk than disco)" JIM GELLATLY

":cryoverbillionaires (4/5) are an entirely different kettle of piranha, pairing crunchy guitars and confrontational, booming vocals with tender, brittle psychedelic moments; their heady blend of loud-quiet-loud is dramatic at best. Evoking, for touchstone comparison's sake, McClusky, Stapleton and Deftones having some kind of a three-way arm wrestle, their firebrand works and is at its most challenging when singer and drummer peel paint off the walls by sparring over Of All Evil's roaring chorus." THE SKINNY MAG

"Scores of walking billboards drove the crowds to 'Cryoverbillionaires', who threw themselves into a fantastic set. A tense, progressive instrumental launched them into dance-metal fusion number 'Of All Evil', Darrell Wilson's heavy vocals providing a perfect contrast to the new rave beats. The Muse-inspired 'Amusements' showed off the bands amazing technical ability, with flawless switches in tempo, while crowd favourite 'Tokyo Laundry' had metalheads and ravers alike jumping around wildly. The Edinburgh band were clearly in their element as they concluded with 'Colours', which culminated in some stunning Floyd-esque guitar work, and a final song, 'Squares', which hinted subtly at Idlewild and Biffy Clyro". THE SUNDAY HERALD - T IN THE PARK 2OO7 REVIEW

Support comes from The Go-Slow and more TBC. Comment or message us if you want to support.

Tickets - 5 available from ticketweb, support bands and one-up all very soon.

CRYOVERBILLIONAIRES on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

THE VOID on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

The Go-Slow on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

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