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Singer & Drummer Needed For Rock/Metal Band.


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for a rock/metal band, aged between 18-22(ish)

i'm a guitarist in aberdeen and haven't been in a band for ages since the last gig i played was a bit of a mess. Already got a second guitarist...

anyway, looking for charismatic, hardworking, likeminded musicians. Our influences include...

Metallica, avenged sevenfold, shinedown, maiden, satch, ac/dc, guns n roses, killswitch engage, Zico chain, Nevermore, Van halen.... - the list goes on.

Singer - None of that screaming shite. looking for someone with a strong powerful voice, willing to work on harmonies and write lyrics. Nothing too depressing either... we're here to have fun, y'know

Drummer - Don't have to be an insane 352545BPM player... but that would be pretty damn sweet. own kit is pretty much necessary for gigs and stuff.

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