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good ABDN skate spots?


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BT car park

(Top floor of the red brick car park on South College street next to the BT building).

Ace on a sunny day like this. Manual Rolls galore!


On that note, top of Toys R Us/sainsbury's car-park in Berryden. ASDA car park dowwn the beach is pretty cool with heaps of little kerb islands etc.
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I was there last night :D aye, skating, not at Toys R Us!

i was there on wednesday, theres a couple of little raised bits, good for learning to ollie and boardslide/grind on. they are usually prettty well waxed too as theres always people cruising around there, the surface is awesome.

if you've been skating a while and want more of a challenge you'll get bored quite quickly. but if like me, you can carve around

i need some help with my ollie, i cant commit my right leg (i skate regular, so the leg at the back of the board) to stay on the board when i land. i get the height up on to those little raised bits at sainsburys car park but my right foot always hits the ground and my left stays on the board and slips out from under me.

any tips anyone?

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