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Touring band in need of 2 Gigs

Bin Laden's Daughter

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Irish punks from Sligo- Excuses had a four day tour planned and two gigs have collapsed since booking the ferry. They're playing at Edinburgh on Thursday 14th May and Elgin 16th May. If anyone has a band drop out or could squeeze one onto a bill for either Friday 15th or Sunday 17th May they would be absolutely delighted.

They'd rather be over and playing than over and not playing, they'd even be happy to play garages and living rooms if that's all they can get to make up for the lost gigs!

They're a great punk band and deserve to be heard.

Can anyone help?


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In case anyone was interested in this-

Excuses now have a Glasgow slot on Friday 15th.

They are still available for Sunday 17th if anyone needs them. As they'll be in Elgin, it's only a wee bit for them to travel at short notice. They leave Ireland on Thursday morning, so after that any contact would be best done through me as they won't be near a computer and I have their contact details.


Aladdin Sain, BLD

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