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Hi IMP listeners.

Thought you might like to hear about some interesting music that we played in the first AMStunes alternative podcast.

My band Electric Fan Death hosted our labels first podcast last week. It features many up and coming, and some already established alternative artists. Our full playlist is:

1. Get In Get Out

- Kelly's Kites

2. Cuba Cuba

- Fountains

3. Kid Canaveral

- Smash Hits

4. Electric Fan Death

- Landmine

5. Endor

- Seek Cover

6. Popup

- Love Triangle

7. Over The Wall

- Guts

8. Won Mississippi

- Over Our Empire

9. Miss The Occupier

- Short Sight

10. Ross Clark and the Scarves Go Missing

- Three Blind Wolves

11. Spyamp

- Ka'ching

12. Stroszek

- Dancing On The Motorway

13. Electric Fan Death

- Books On Buildings

14. John S Wilson

- Stringed Wings

15. Be A Familiar

- You'd Make A Great Ghost

16. The Areola Treat

- Sibbi

17. The Poems

- So Soon

18. Tear Down The Lies!

- Exchanges

The podcast features the exclusive release of our song 'Books on Buildings'.

The podcast is available for download or for streaming at - AMStunes Radio - Alternative Podcast

Please do check it out.

Thanks, Ollie

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