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Ashdown Superfly 500 watt head & MAG 210T


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I'm selling my Ashdown Superfly 500 watt bass amp, and my Ashdown MAG 2 x 10 cab.

The Superfly is from Ashdown's top of the range Labs Series, and it has dual 250 watt amp stages. It is also programmeable and can store up to 30 user settings. With a built in 7 band parametric eq, and built in compressor it really is a fantastic piece of kit. On the rear the amp has a usb socket so that it can be hooked up to a PC / Mac for storing programmes, and for adjusting the compressors threshold, and attack settings. The editing software is available as a download from the Ashdown site. It also has a midi input so that you can use a midi foot controller for changing the sound programmes. The amp is in A1 condition, fully boxed, and comes with a carry-case and 19" rack ears so that it can be rack mounted.

I'm also throwing in my Ashdown MAG 210T 2 x10 deep bass cab, which is an ideal partner for the Superfly head. All in all this is top whack gear, which is very compact, and an ideal rig for carrying around for gigs. I'm looking for around 450 quid for both. (the amp was 500 quid alone new!!). Can be seen and heard working. If interested, the PM me.

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