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Pink @ AECC


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I went to see Pink last night, it's not my normal cup of tea, but I thought the whole gig was absolutely brilliant. I was a little disappointed she did so many covers, but they were covers I appreciated I guess, and they were done really well so I'll let her off.

Also wanted to say as a drummer I only really went to see Mark Schuman on the drums, I'd read a mass of articles on his playing in clincs etc over the years and really wanted to check him out. He was sensational, I realize as one of the top session players in the World that he probably should be good, but his overall performance totally blew me away. He really attacked the kit, his playing and technique were flawless, and he even threw in a load of showmanship with the Thomas Lang style stick tricks.

Finally wanted to say how good I thought support Raygun were, definately gonna keep an eye out for them, reminded me of a modern Hipsway! Overall was a great night.

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