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a few bits and bobs for sale


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For my brother: Warhammer 40,000 models

Space Marine Captain, 10 Tactical Space Marines, Five Space Marine Terminators, a Space Marine Dreadnought. 40 the lot, would prefer not to sell them seperatley, and they all have ultramarine shoulderpads.

For me:


3 Chuck palahniuk (the writer of fight club): Invisible monsters

4 how to pass higher maths (heineman book)

4 2008 Higher english past papers with andswer sheets

Dvds: all 3 each

Naruto episodes 225-230 (subtitled)

Naruto episodes 183-188 (subtitled)


Rush Hour 2

That Peter Kay Thing

Mean Machine

Billabong Odyssey

Wrong Turn 2 Dead End

PC Games:

6 Medieval Total War 2

4 Rome Total War

4 Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion

7 Sims 2 + Nightlife

4 Sims 2 Nightlife (expansion)

I will post pictures if asked

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