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  1. 40 for dj hero, need sold asap. Cheers.
  2. For sale: dj hero game for xbox 360, comes with the turn table and the game, looking for 50 4" stainless steel backbox, bought for my corsa but changed my mind as to what i want to fit to it, back box was never fitted looking for 50 Brembo break discs for corsa, again never fitted, 30
  3. excelent mate, give me a shout
  4. Will take 40 for it. Need it shifted asap.
  5. The table dimensions are 180cm by 98cm.
  6. hey dude, sorry was out at the weekend and didn't get the dimensions up, ill get them up in the morning when I get up. Ill send you a pm.
  7. Hi there, got a very nice, hardly used pool table, not very old, cant remember how long ago it was bought, its my brothers and im selling on for him. Looking for 50, it would have to be collected, i will post the dimensions tomorrow, it has already been taken apart for transportation, but due to people wasting our time it is still for sale. Imageshack - photo0299 Imageshack - photo0298a
  8. not to take away from the dude advertising his service, to which i would agree with the already said comments of getting a half decent myspace page and also some examples wouldn't go a miss, but i too also do graphics for people, have done for bands, my own personal use, and for my first year at art school hoping to do graphic design or vis comm. in second year, so yeah if anyone else wants anything then give me a shout, i don't have my examples on the laptop yet as they are all still on the memory key from working at uni.
  9. I suppose i could have a go at this, need to get back into all this designin stuff if im going to artschool any prefrences as to whats included?
  10. foxeym

    Pool Table

    bump, nobody want a pool table?
  11. foxeym

    Pool Table

    Very good practicly new condition pool table, hardley used and looking to put something else in the garage to replace it. Dimentions are: L180cm D96cm H82cm, comes with the balls and ques. 50 ono collection only.
  12. foxeym

    Xbox 360

    possable buyer, any other interest will be contacted if falls through
  13. foxeym

    Xbox 360

    60? will include sega superstar tennis, still no controller im afraid, you can thank the dog for that...
  14. im selling an xbox 360 arcade (waits to be shot down for owning the basic one) it has an hdmi input but i dont have the lead, and you gould get a hard driver pretty cheaply off the net, cheapest ive seen are on ebay and amazon, lookin for 70 for the console if your interested?
  15. foxeym

    Xbox 360

    not likely to happen but would swap for iPod touch? 70 is lowest offer im going to go with
  16. foxeym

    Xbox 360

    im selling my xbox 360, its the arcade so no hard drive, was bought when i moved house but im now home again and no longer need it, there are no controlers or games, the controler i had broke and im keeping the games for the other console. 80
  17. yeah sorry mate, some of the guys that are goin got a another person to buy the ticket so im afraid that its no longer for sale. cheers
  18. foxeym

    Room for rent

    no longer available
  19. yeah, someone i used to live with has been a few times and says that its awsome, but i cant go now which im mightily pissed off about to be honest. anyway anyone interested?
  20. I have a ticket for Dour festival in belgium for sale on the 16th to the 19th of july, I paid 90 for it, I cannot go any more and am looking to sell the ticket, its an on-line ticket that would need printed off and sent too you. You would also have to make your own travel arrangements as i haven't booked them yet. Cheers Owen
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