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Wee bit of help needed

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Hey guys

Wondered if you'd all be interested in helping us win a slot at metalfest UK down in the midlands! some of the best names in power and thrash metal are playing, and it would be a stunning opportunity for Ascension to get its name out

All you have to do to vote is ( you must have myspace )

Add: MySpace.com - METALFEST - 69 - Male - Midlands - www.myspace.com/metalfest_uk to your friends list on myspace

then, when they have accepted your request, go to their Pics folder, then go to the album labelled " unsigned band poll ", Click on the Ascension logo, and comment saying " vote "

and thats it :)

Really hope a few of you guys can help us out with a good few votes, we're currently tying with a band called Dreamcatcher at the moment, so help us get that lil bit further!

Thanks :)

Ricki Ascension

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