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Graham Knight

Digital Downloads licensing - help please

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I would like to hear from anyone who offers their music for digital download to buyers in the USA and has one of the "Compulsory Licences" detailed below.

PM me if you wish but any help would be appreciated.

How to Legally Sell Downloads of Cover Songs

Please note that the below is not official legal advice, it is ONLY for the U.S.A., we are not your lawyers, and you should always contact your attorney before entering into any contract such as a license.

If you have recorded a cover version of someone else's song, and you plan to make that recording available over the Internet, the following information applies to you..

You must follow these steps BEFORE you make your recording available for distribution to the public!

If you record a cover version of a song, (meaning your performance of a song that has been released in the U.S. with consent of the copyright owner), you are entitled by law to release your recording commercially, and the owner of the copyright to the song cannot prevent you from doing so.

The Copyright Act provides for what is called a Compulsory License for downloads and CD sales, which means that if you follow the steps set forth by statute, you can distribute your recording of that song on a CD or over the internet. This Compulsory License is only available for sales in the United States.

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