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Rhythm guitarist/ Vocalist looking for a band.


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Hey there. Im Greg. Im 18 in January and a need a band... I play guitar, but I'm probably not good enough to be a proper lead guitarist so I've put down rythm. I also sing/scream/growl kinda stuff, so im looking for a place in a band as a guitarist or a singer. I have a fair bit of stage experience as a singer infront of crowds ranging from 10 to 600 people so stage fright isnt a problem.

I listen to and take influences from all over the place. I listen to everything from acoustic guitar/piano music, to kinda happy dancy powerpoppy/pop rocky kinda stuff, to dance/drum n bass, to kinda punky/rocky kinda stuff (Alexisonfire/Biffy etc) right through to hardcore/metalcore stuff (As I Lay Dying/Comeback Kid etc) So I'm quite happy to play and sing most styles =)

Anything else you want to know, dont hesitate to ask!

Greg x

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