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Vox Pathfinder 15 Practise Amp


With the classic good looks of its bigger brothers, the new 15-Watt, 1 x 8" Pathfinder 15 combo packs a profusion of VOX style and sound into a highly compact and affordable package. Like other family members, it sports typical VOX characteristics like basket-weave vinyl, diamond grille cloth, white piping, gold beading and, of course, chicken head pointer knobs.


Top Panel Features

Input Jack. Standard 1/4" jack for guitar connection.

Gain Control. Set higher for crunch and distortion sounds and lower for cleaner tones.

Boost Switch. Press in for more gain and distortion. Press out for cleaner sounds. You can turn this function on and off remotely with the optional VFS2 Footswitch.

Volume Control. Controls the overall volume. Set high for clean sounds. Lower the level when setting the Gain control high for distortion.

Treble Control. Adjusts the higher frequencies or treble in your tone, from soft and full at one extreme to bright and cutting at the other.

Bass Control. Adjusts the lower frequencies or bass in your tone, from warm and light at one extreme to dark and heavy at the other.

Tremolo Speed Control. Controls the speed at which the built in tremolo oscillates. You can also control the tremolo function remotely with the optional VFS2 Footswitch.

Tremolo Depth Control. Controls the intensity of the built in tremolo.

Reverb Control (Only on Pathfinder 15R.) This control enables you to vary the level of the built-in spring Reverb.

Power ON/OFF Switch & LED. On/Off switch for mains (AC) power to amplifier. Plus power indicator LED.




A steal at 40 quid

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