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T in the Park 2009 fake website

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Not that I'd expect anyone on here to be fooled but there is a fake website on the go with url

T in the Park 2009

It's been reported on front page of official site T In The Park 2008

I mean if you think there'd be an official site that could sell you 999 weekend tickets... giving the fraudsters 194,809.30 in one fail swoop. They have some balls but could end up in tears if culprits get traced & some folk stupidly send them money...

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Guest Exposure @ Lemon Tree

Holy shit - that site could well have fooled some people into paying out for a couple of tickets here and there.

The web address looks good, the site looks official etc etc.

I'm sure they'll get shut down soon enough, but could be too late for some folk. :(

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