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Free Entry Punk Gig....shatterhand, The Anarchix & Barefoot

Dizzy Storm

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SHATTERHAND.....diy hardcore punk since 1998....here's just one review out of thousands... www.shatterhand.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk


Shatterhand - "Bone Palace Ballet"

I like this band, they've been through town a few times and have never stolen anything from our flat. And, even though I can't understand a fucking word any of them say, their always friendly and chilled out. So it's good that their music is good too. As with past efforts, Shatterhand play catchy poppy punk that I think would have fitted well on the Crackle records roster a few years ago, especially with instant hits like "Make It Easy", which is the first track on here. But hey, not only do they sound good they are anti-fascist and have "Support freedom of expression and thought, share knowledge and fight intolerance and greed" printed on the back of their cd. Basically, just because Shatterhand play poppy punk rock doesn't mean they don't give a fuck. They're sound guys, super DIY (this CD is the 8th release for their self owned label Mythical) are musically talented. Basically, think melodic Bad Taste meets Crackle plus a hefty dose of integrity - and you're on to a winner (MD)

THE ANARCHIX.... www.theanarchix.freeservers.com

Review courtesy of Ronnie (Punk Media / Anorak Records)

Anarchix: Scenesuckers E.P.

HAHA i love this CD! Its so fucking bitter, the band are clearly pissed off at their "scene" every song is catchy as fuck, especially "Hole in the head" thats been stuck in my head for ages but i think the overall stand out track has to be "Wake Up". Simple melodic pop-punk played brilliantly, ive always thought that if a band can't play a simple song well then they're not a good band, Anarchix play simple songs fantastically.

I dunno what it is, the demo generates such a good feeling, it definetly is a big fuck you to whoever they've aimed it at. The vocals and lyrics really stand out on all the tracks, the music is merely a vehicle for the words, this isn't to say that the music is rubbish or un-noteworthy, its played at a suitable tempo, fast enough to be classed as "pop-punk", theres no real melody to the music but for some reason the songs reek of melody. the songs are simple and honest, they REALLY stick in your head, its nice to see a "Grrl-punk" band produce something like this, it stands tall against the male dominated scottish scene, its cheeky, melodic, bitter and straight to the point.

BAREFOOT.... www.barefoot-online.co.uk

(part of a review of 2003 release 'Only Souveniers'....

In all, this is a great album which displays first-class musicianship, powerful and harmonious vocal performances and, above all, well-crafted songs that for the most part naturally evolve over the course of 3 to 4 minutes rather than following the tried and tested verse-chorus-verse-chorus, repeat to fade formula. With contributions made, either in a song-writing or playing capacity, by former or current members of various Scottish punk bands such as Beauty School Dropout, The Day I Snapped, Happy But Twisted, the Ritalins and Tempting Kate, this album is something of a Who's Who? (or, more aptly, a Who's That?) of the Scottish punk scene. Intelligent pop-punk for intelligent pop-punkers.




more acts tbc

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ok, update on this gig....

we're gonna make this a sort of 'late' gig....since there's about another billion gigs on that night!.....then we can carry on where the Moorings leaves off from the Contra EP launch :ding:

so live music will start around 10.30pm with the mighty VALHELLA djs in between (probably playing a bit more punk than usual this time round)

and also added to the bill are ELEMENT 106....so something for everyone, punk and metal on the same night....

that means bands will be playing until well into the night, we're open till 3am - and ITS FREE ENTRY ALL NIGHT!!! :woohoo::band:

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