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All Bells and Whistles...

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is there a percutionist out there?

someone who loves the music of,

Miles Davis, Bitches Brew - Live Evil - Dark Magus...

Herbie Handcock's, Thrust - Headhunters - Sextant...

Weather Report, I Sing the Body Electric - Sweetnighter...

even if you have never played in a band before! but you find yourself unable to stop playing along with music, on the edge of a desk, tapping your steering wheel, adding your own rythum and pattern...

have you ever bought a set of tom's or some shakers sat around a camp fire and played music with your mates? turned the acoustic guitar round and played the back, like a set of bongos? like the sound of shaking pasta and rice containers as you cook?

check out Airto... Airto Moreira - Trilok Gurtu - Lisbeth Diers

If any of this relates to you, and you want to play in Circle of Ash, just send me a message...

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