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Female vocalist looking to join first band!!!


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some people might know me im Jessica, more commonly known as Jess.16 years young.

ispired by the likes of evanescence, type o negative, nightwish, sisters of mercy, machine head, trivium, paradise lost, lamb of god, arch enemy etc.

Ive been looking to join or form a metal band for a while now but havent gotton round to it.

im pretty good at vocals. Im grade 5 level, with distinction. also grade 7 violin.

id love to form or to join a band whos looking for my kind of vocals,a band, kinda, gothic metal, opera metal, e.g nightwish, evanescence, u catch my drift.

i can sing opera fairly well!(although i can actualy scream like angela gossow, but its probably best not to do both)

im a very sociable person! anyone from the ages of 16 to 25 interested pm me or visit my bebo.

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Im also a female vocalist. Good luck with band search. I used to be in that style of band but it fell apart too quickly. now trying lower regester stuff cause Ive gotten lazy lol. If your aiming for evanesancy/ nightwishy style though make sure you get a good keyboardist. we tried without and it sounded crappy. its also an idea to get someone who can program a keyboard so you can put your vocals on to harmonise with yourself. Let me know how you get on. Its great to see other girls trying to give the lads some competition!

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