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Experimental Music - Burning Harpsichord 6


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Dear Friends,

I'm very happy to tell you that The Burning Harpsichord Series of Experimental Music, Sound Art, and New Media is back on Sunday October the 26th! The venue is The Music Club who have graciously agreed to host The Burning Harpsichord Series the last Sunday of every month.

For this event which is part of the sound festival occurring throughout October and November we are featuring Manchester based artist Rodrigo Constanzo, Jedburgh sound artist James Wyness, and myself for three intimate live electronics sets, followed by a group improvisation to finish the night.

About the Artists:

Rodrigo Constanzo was born in Madrid, Spain. He began playing piano at the age of four. Though he is classically trained, his primary

interest lies in contemporary music. For the past ten years he has occupied himself by creating a number of instruments made from

modifying electronic devices, in a process called circuit-bending. As a composer he is heavily influenced by visual art, and tries to make

each composition self-standing--each idea being a unique one, and demanding a unique outcome. The one thing that ties most of his work together is the surrendering of part of his control as a composer, be it in aleatoric or arbitrary decisions at the composition level, or

through largely improvised forms at the performance level. For more info: Rodrigo Constanzo - home

James Wyness lives in Jedburgh but is active as an artist across the UK with works performed overseas in both directions. His main focus compositionally has been with with acousmatic listening and the unfolding of the sound object, with the integration of mimetic and more obviously musical material and with the emergence of narrative. As a sound artist he mostly explores the phonographic forms which deal with documentary and archive, and which broadly address the disciplines of anthropology and ethnography through the medium of sound. For more info: home page

Bill Thompson is a sound artist/composer/performer living in Aberdeen, Scotland. He is a self-described throwback to the 60s and enjoys breaking things to see what they sound like. More information on his activities can be found on his website: news

Where, When, and How Much:

The event is at The Music Club, October 26th, Sunday, 7pm (get there a bit earlier though), Suggested donation at the door 3-5 (No one turned away for lack of funds, pay what you can but come either way. All funds go to artists for travel and costs.)

The Music Club (The Music Club) is located on the street just behind Bruce Millers at 52-54 Langstane Place, Aberdeen, AB11 6EN Do yourself a favor and visit sometime before the event, it's a nice coffee house alternative in town and the owners Gordon and Mark as well as the staff are extremely welcoming. TELL 'EM I SENT YOU :)

Other News:

The 2009 s.o.u.n.d festival has descended upon Aberdeen once again and there are some great events coming up. In addition to Burning Harpsichord concert I'm also giving a small talk about circuit bending for the Composer's day at Aberdeen Uni on Saturday October 25th. The entire day features talks and workshops and is open to the public.

For more info: Composers' Day - 25 October 2008 @ 10.00am > event > sound festival > s•o•u•n•d

Also on the 25th is the Aberdeen Music Prize Winner's weekend featuring string quartets by the finalists of the competition. Claire M Singer will have the acoustic version of her latest string quartet 4:8:1 performed as well.

AIYF Compose!

Some other great events in sound include Kim Cascone's concert at the Lemon Tree (and related events with local sound artists): Kim Cascone > biography > sound festival > s•o•u•n•d

Claire M Singer with Roger B Williams for Organ and live electronics

Roger Williams, organ recital - 11 November 2008 @ 7.45pm > event > sound festival > s•o•u•n•d

and Alistair McDonald and Catriona McKay for Harp and Live Electronics

And there's so much more. Check out the sound website for yourself for more information Events 2008 > festival > sound festival > s•o•u•n•d

Thanks again for making it this far! I look forward to seeing all of you Sunday the 26th!!!


***Please forward this to anyone you think might be interested and if you have received this invitation in error and would like to not receive any further correspondence, please send me an email to that effect and I'll remove you from the list.


soundasart : SoundasArt

'...of memory and dreams.' out now on 7hings

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