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Amplification for Roland Vdrums

Rick Faulkner

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My son is looking at the same requirment. He has a Yamaha DTX, & has tried a few options.

A must is 15" drivers, as 12's & 10's will not handle any kick drum or low tom sounds.

Ideally a Powered, 150watt minimum, wedge, (1 X 15 + horn), + an additional passive wedge, (Extension cab) 1 X 15 + horn.

Or a small PA amp & 2 1 X 15 + horn Cabs.

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JBL Eon's are good, but, you will need either a grahic Eq, or parametric Eq between the drum module out, & the input of the JBL.

As you need to pull out the " boxy" mid frequencies usually present as you increase the level.

This normally cant be acheived with a standard bass & treble controls.

My son is currently trying a Carlsbro powered wedge, (1X 15 + Horn) & an extension wedge. Inexpensive & works Ok, as the amp section built into the powered wedge has a 7 band graphic to manage the EQ.

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