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My Chemical Romance,Hondo Maclean,The Bled @King Tuts,Friday 4th June


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been excited about this one for a while,always knew it was gonna be awesome-but could not have predicted this-this was one hell of an amazing show and the intimacy of the venue made it even better.

first up were the bled who quickly introduced themselves and then hurled into their whirlwind set.On CD they are great,(Pass The Flask is out over here this week i think)live,they are incredible.imagine a crazy slightly more melodic norma jean meets at the drive-in hybrid and that's pretty much the bled live.such a crazily energetic performance,singer's voice stands out really well,some amazing guitar work with great use of effects and some mental drumming.stand out song of the set for me was "you know who's seatbelt" delivery on this track was fantastic.Great set,just a shame it wasn't a bit longer.would def recommend everyone has a listen to some of their stuff. :up:

next were hondo maclean who continued much in the same way performance wise,lots of crowd interaction which is always great-especially in such a small venue.much improved since last time i caught-them,riffs were a bit catchier and the songs had more hooks,they have a full-length due out soon i think-should be great.

then,the band i'd been waiting for,my chemical romance took to the stage-gerard way's "Glasgow,you are far too fucking quiet",was then followed by thunderous noise that even they were surprised at as this was their first ever show in Scotland. then they started,and oh.my.FUCKING.god. they were incredible-the energy,the crowd interaction(got the mic in my face countless times)the overall delivery was spot on.a lot of people don't like the CD but bloody hell-do NOT knock this band before you've seen them live,jesus fucking christ they were hot!Could not have asked for a better show gerard was immense in real life his stage presence is absolutely out of this world reminiscent slightly of davey havok/casey chaos i think-down at the barrier most of the time,ray and frank's guitaring was amazing,everything held together by mikey's steady bass playing and matt's drumming was stunning-particularly at the start of vampires and headfirst for halos.also quie a proportion of the crowd knew most of the words to the songs so there were massive singalongs as well which is always funthe set list then a good mix of the old and new stuff:

Our Lady Of Sorrows

Honey,This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us


It's Not A Fashion Statement,It's A Fucking Deathwish

Headfirst For Halos

You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison

Skylines And Turnstiles

I'm Not Okay(I Promise)

Demolition Lovers

Vampires Will Never Hurt You

so all in all a fucking awesome set,and a food fight with the hondo boys at the end of vampires was great.the guys from all three bands were really nice as well.this left me grinning well into saturday.pretty much one of the most awesome gigs i've ever been at.

they will be back in november-recommend everyone to check them out :up:

fucking genius


pictures on gallery once i get them developed


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