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1999 MK4 Vauxhall Astra for sale


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ok so im selling my car next week! and i want to see if anyones gonna be interested, still need to clean it lol! pics will come on request...

ok so, 1999 Vauxhall astra MK4, metallic blue

1.6 8v ( cheap to insure, not to gutsy on fuel, yet still nippy enough )

85000 mls

5door hatchback

16" alloys ( well scuffed from previous owner lol, but still look quite cool! )

just had 2 new front tyres fitted not that long ago!

just past its MOT 7 or 8 weeks ago, cant remember, so roughly 10 months MOT left

5 and a bit months road tax left

comes with CD player with Aux-in for ipods etc although the CD player sticks out a bit because ive never bothered getting it fitted properly, this is a 15 minute job that i just cant be bothered doing lol!

now for some bad bits

Theres a dent on the front passenger door thats been there sinc ei got the car, its probably easy for a body shop to pop out, its just never bothered me so ive not had it done.

its got the usual scuff marks here and there from a 9 year old car, but nothing major

exhaust back box rattles a tiny bit, one of the rubber mounts have gone, fiver i reckon frmo kwik fit! no problems.

Also, its really hardly noticable, but there are some small spots of white paint on the front half of the cars paintwork, this happened when i had my old house painted and the spots drizzled down onto my car. again, this would take about an hour with some t cut and a good buff to take care of, but i just used this car for A - B and it never bothered me.

With all this in mind, im asking for a fair 900, but im open to sensible offers, if you want to come and see it, id advise you wait till i clean it haha!! if your interested though, ill make a point in cleaning it sooner rather than later

All in all though, this car hasnt let me down in the year ive had it, my reason for sale is that my uncle has a sweet lil convertable for sale that i just have to have, and so this baby has to go, she has been a pleasure to drive!

Email: Rickicaz1279@hotmail.com

phone or text: 07867512787

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