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Black Tooth, Snafu, Mon 3 Nov - - - Billy Gaz Station (France) // Liars Dice // ...

The Ghost Of Fudge

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MySpace.com - Black Tooth Rock Lounge - 88 - Female - Snafu, UK - www.myspace.com/blacktoothrock



MySpace.com - BILLY GAZ STATION (First Album OUT NOW !) - Angoulme, FR - Powerpop / Blues / Classic Rock - www.myspace.com/billygazstation

BGS are a band all the way from France... here's what BabelFish made of their latest newsdrop (which was in French, obviously):

"Hello Amigos, Not badly of news and good! I make quickly and short: - Firstly one will be in first part of Dinosaur JR with the Factory of Geneva on May 28. Useless to add that one is insane like rabbits! - One records our first album in June to the Nave in Angouleme with Mez with the levers and the whole will be then mixed by Jon Congleton (of The Paperchase) in Dallas TX. - The exit of the album is fixed at October 13 on Kicking Records. - GPS Prod and Krosne will join to leave the version vinyl a few months after its exit with probably some no-claims bonus. - Supervise well the section gig because not badly from dates will arrive soon. One leaves 3 weeks in October and one will pass by France, Spain, Re-France and England and Scotland, some plans are already fixed. Then one will send all the week end until December, therefore one will inevitably not be far from on your premise Here is for the moment, I hold you with the juice...."


MySpace.com - Liars Dice - Aberdeen, UK - Rock / Blues - www.myspace.com/liarsdice

"A five piece assortment of crack-pot musicians dedicated to a life of ethanol fueled, rock guided adventures. Ready to perform an original set of rocking tunes by means of Guitar, Vocals, Bass and Drums... "


MySpace.com - DOUBLE 8 STRAIGHT - ABERDEEN, Scotland - Rock - www.myspace.com/double8straight

"Although DOUBLE 8 STRAIGHT have been around in some form or another for nearly ten years , they have been waiting to be discovered by someone they feel understands them and there take on music. Interest has been shown on various levels from managers in Aberdeen clubs to Shed sevens manager to the bands auditions infront of Texas's and Bon Jovi's managers. Although nothing has ever been put in writing the interest has always been there. And with a strong back catalouge and set list that pleases all genres of music, DOUBLE 8 STRAIGHT are sure that one day the right man for the job will come along to aid the band on what has already been an amazing journey. (hopefully no-one has to audition for big brother to prove it)"

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