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Moorings 25 Oct - - - Pearl Jamming // Torturo Nervosa // Device // Avoid The Morning

The Ghost Of Fudge

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Pearl Jam Tribute - Aberdeen, UK


MySpace.com - TORTURO NERVOSA - UK - Other - www.myspace.com/torturonervosawillkillyou - Perth, UK


MySpace.com - DEVICE-THE ALBUM TOUR 2008 - Milton Keynes, Northampton, UK - Progressive / Experimental / Rock - www.myspace.com/deviceuk - Milton Keynes, UK


MySpace.com - Avoid The Morning [New Page Layout] [EP Soon] - UK - Post punk / Pop Punk / Powerpop - www.myspace.com/avoidthemorning - Aberdeen, UK


Pearl Jammin are a grade one tribute act who really,

actually, properly rock. Veterans of their own bands, these

talented gentlemen will treat you to a selection of material,

from oldies to newies, and leave you panting for more...

Featuring some of the most brutally original and diverse

music to emerge for many a year, Torturo Nervosa incu-

bated their diverse styles in projects including the mighty

Venetian Love Triangle, and are influenced by such ground-

breaking acts as NoMeansNo, Shellac, Fugazi, Mclusky,

Lard and Biohazard. Raging, angular, vital.

Our lives revolve around our music, performing and

throwing our hair around on stage, say recent Lockjaw

signings Device. Visceral post-hardcore tunes... we could

have a UK answer to At The Drive-In on our hands. No

pressure or anything though boys, taunt RockSound.

Playing their first show at the bar, Avoid The Morning

play post-power-pop punk. I like that so much, Im going to

say it again. Post-power-pop punk. Yeah.

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