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Snafu, Mon 13 Oct - - - Life Amoung People // PinPim // Bloodnut

The Ghost Of Fudge

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Monday 13th October @ The Black Tooth

Snafu, 1 Union Street, Aberdeen

Doors open 9pm, first band onstage at 9.30pm...


LIFE AMONG PEOPLE mix weighty musical intelligence with social awareness. Armed with a broad palette they defy pigeonholing while wielding an undeniable power high on energy and packed with promise.

The band have already received fantastic reviews from their previous EPs in the rock mags and online, with most reviewers practically begging for an album which will see release in early 2009.

KERRANG! - KKKK (4/5) -..placed somewhere between Biffy Clyro and Deftones, these impressively ambitious, articulate underdogs certainly deserve to enjoy wider recognition

METAL HAMMER - one of the brightest new hopes in the UK

Expect mind blowing, punchy, atmospheric punk rock crossed post-hardcore - reminiscent of early Thrice or Biffy Clyro" (Big Cheese Magazine 4/5 LIVE section) and thats what youll get.

PINPIM are a tripod of tight dirty grooves and melodic power, and never fail to deliver an immense mix of melody, sleazy hooks and tight heavy grooves in every show. PINPIMs refreshing and distinctive style and sound sets them apart from the current spray-on jeans, image obsessed scene and has earned them a loyal fanbase and some high profile support slots throughout the UK.

BBC RAW TALENT - 'one of the tightest 3 piece bands in the UK, a very hard act to follow'

FATCAT MUSIC - 'Effortlessly tight, every track is a stormer'

Celebrating the rise of independent label GRUBBYNUN RECORDS, the bands take to the UK paving the way for their future releases in 2009. And with the all dates sponsored by Jgermiester, this tour will certainly be one you wont forget in a hurry..

Also on the bill are the mighty BLOODNUT - no introduction needed...

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