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Les Paul Capacitors??...


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I have recently bought a Les Paul Studio Body and Neck. I have bought everything for it(ex. humbuckers machine heads etc...). I am pretty much ready to bring it in to the shop to get the humbuckers wired up and all the other little things I would have no idea doing... I am not the most guitar parts wise!

What I am asking is I have been looking into getting some capacitors, but I am not 100% sure with which ones to go for, as every forum I've read says something different about every cap, so I have no clue. I am wondering if you can tell me what the best cap would be for the tone I am going for I guess. I am not too sure what the "vintage" sound is, and really don't know what "brighter" and "darker" sounds mean.(See, I'm not that wise!)

My Les Paul I am hooking up with the Burstbucker Pro Humbuckers on the neck and bridge, along with 250k pots(I'm pretty sure they are 250k!). I play heavier music, mostly hardcore and metalcore(if that still exists..) playing in drop a#(i know i know, but it sounds so heavy!) I still want a nice clean sound when not distorted and dont want a muddy sound when clean and distorted.

I've read about the bumblebees and the vitamin q's and whatnot, but I just can't seem to find anyone that has said what sort of cap is better for which genre..

Thanks for your time!


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