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looking to join/form band


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hey hey hey i am looking for a band,just moved back from newcastle for a bit so other bands on hold and i cant find dedicated members for decipher so this is what i shall do,

i play bit of everything,bass,drums,guitar and bit screaming i like punk/grunge/metal as long as it has structure and not just a noise:P

heres a couple of my bands to check-

MySpace.com - DECIPHER - aberdeen, Scotland - Grunge / Pop Punk / Punk - www.myspace.com/decipherpunx -guitar/vocals

MySpace.com - The Stumps - Newcastle/Gateshead, UK - Punk / Pop Punk / Rock - www.myspace.com/thestumpsareus -drums

MySpace.com - BreedAbortion - Washington,Tyne&Wear, Northeast - Punk / Rock / Alternative - www.myspace.com/breed69 -drums

loads of videos for these bands on youtube if you can be assed looking

pm or email if your interested,no timewasters please

thanks ousy

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