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FS : Laney bass head


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Laney RBH700. 165W 4ohms. It's been sitting in my box room for ages and should be getting used.

Here's a pretty fair reveiw although I must add that he seems to have been unlucky as far as the problems he's reported as I've never had any technical schtuck with this amp at all.

This head has been well looked after, I bought it in 2003, used it for rehearsals and a couple of gigs and then it sort of got forgotten about after a house move and spent the rest of the time boxed up. The carpeting is in great nick but the metal corners show signs of it's age. The knobs are (I think) chrome plated plastic and 2 of them are marked. There is a scuff across the rear heatsink too. I swapped out the power and comp LED's with ultra bright blue ones when I 1st got it for a bit of X factor - and must admit it works nicely. 95 ono




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