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bands, promoters and venues only...


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... on our board

i thought i'd post something here


we've set up a gig booking, tour booking, gig swapping, venue finding, promoter locating kind of service

it's very much in it's infancy

as it's only been live for a week

and only some people know about it...

but the idea is that when bands ask us for gigs

and we can't accomodate them

we will put the information on-line for all to see

- so that they still have a chance to get a gig booked

it will also give bands the chance to put their contact details, dates etc. on a site that venues and promoters are going to be using to find bands for gigs...

i think you get the idea

if it works

it could be very useful

the AUBL has always been here to help bands out

and now we'll be able to help other promoters and venues too

jolly nice of us i think


if you're in a band

or if you book gigs and stuff

then go here...


and sign up

thank you for your time.

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Guest Craig
Originally posted by RicoAUBL:

well no

it's the aim of the AUBL to help bands promote themselves

it's the aim of this service to help bands get gigs

not sit here and talk shite all day

not that there's anything wrong with that...

but this is different.

well I'll be signing up...and can't help but be a valuable member to the site ;)

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