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Drummer + Bassist Looking to Form Band!


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Experienced and competent drummer and bassist are looking to form a quality covers band to get out gigging in the Aberdeen area as soon as possible.

Looking to play a mixture of modern rock, pop and indie (each member will be free to suggest their own covers)!

Some ideas we have range from Coldplay, Athlete, Killers, Keane, James Blunt, Sterophonics, Kings of Leon, Travis, Paulo Nutini, James, The Coral etc...... the list is endless (and very much open to suggestions) - the idea is to play music we enjoy and that other people know and like - nothing cheesy or 70s rock (too many bands already doing that and its getting boring).

Ideally looking for the following to complete the line up:

Vocalist / Guitarist

Keyboards / pianist / electronic effects

As far as we see it, there will be no "boss" of the band, and people with egos bigger than their ability wont fit in. The idea is that everyone will have an equal say in what happens, but most importantly that we have FUN!

Depending on how we get on, we may even start writing our own stuff too, but getting out gigging is the first priority.

If that sounds like something you would like to get involved in, contact details are as follows:


email jonwhyte@gmail.com

tel: 07826 700 800


tel: 07764 958 331

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