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The Big Upgrade!


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This web site will be temporarily closed from 8pm, Friday 4th June until Sunday, 6th June (at the latest).

Why? At long last the big upgrade of aberdeen-music.com is going to happen. This upgrade will be the most significant upgrade of the web site since the original move to vBulletin from the Burning Boards software a couple of years ago. Unlike then there will be no need to re-register. All user accounts, private messages, posts and threads will all be retained during the upgrade. However, the look and feel as well as the functionality of the web site will be considerably different as the site will be based upon the much improved vBulletin v3.0.1 software.

Like the last upgrade when moving web servers the upgrade will be performed in a phased approach. The web site will be closed down during the period stated above and then re-opened section by section. The portal front-end and the forums will be the first to be re-opened, then the photo galleries and the finally followed by the WAP version of the forums.

Once the site is finally re-opened there will almost certainly be numerous problems with the site that will need to be fixed. As always please post reports of any problems or irregularities in the Technical Problems forum and I will do my best to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Please note that all users will be required to login to the web site even if they remained logged in previously. This is due to significant changes to the login system. Also bands and organisations with their own forums hosted on this web site will not be required to change their links to this web site. As they will not be changed by the upgrade.

Another significant change that will be made during the upgrade is the clearing of the list of banned members from the web site. Due to substantial changes to the rules of the web site I felt it would be unfair to keep people banned for breaking a rule that may no longer exist or has since been significantly revised. Therefore, as a gesture of goodwill, I will allow all previously banned members of the web site to re-register if they wish or allow them to own up to possessing new user accounts on the web site. They may have these renamed to reveal their true identity if they wish. If this is the case then can they please contact me privately via a private message.

This is not to say that people will no longer be banned from the web site in the future. Let me be very clear the rules still apply and must be adhered to by all members and moderators.

As with all big changes not everyone will be happy with what they see this weekend. But I believe I have managed to make a number of significant changes that should take aberdeen-music.com to the next level and continue moving it down the road of success. I encourage you all to take time to get used to the changes and familiarise yourself with the new web site and if you have any comments or suggestions regarding the changes then, as always, please post them in the Comments & Suggestions forum.

Thank you.

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