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BALLBOY plus support @ TUNNELS - 20th July

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BARFLY presents...


BALLBOY plus support





The fifth ballboy is now finished and will be out in August. It will be called I worked on the ships and contains 11 songs. More news regarding the exact release date to follow.

ballboy are:

gordon mcintyre who sings, plays guitar and writes the words

nick reynolds who plays bass

alexa morrison who plays keyboards

gary morgan who plays the drums

they all live in edinburgh, scotland.

theyve released 4 albums in the uk over the past three years and are currently about to release their fifth. Their forth album, "the royal theatre" has been licensed across europe, america and japan.

they signed to sl records in june 1999 and released four ep's over the next three years. "silversuitsforastronauts"; "i hate scotland", "girls are better than boys" and "all the records on the radio are shite". tracks from these first three ep's were released on a compilation album, "club anthems 2001".

edinburgh based production company brainhole have made films to accompany two ballboy tracks - "ive got pictures of you in your underwear" and "i hate scotland" which was entered in the mirrorball showcase at the edinburgh international film festival. these films were released on an sl video compilation "music is a competition" in january 2002.

their debut album "a guide for the daylight hours" was recorded at chamber studio's in granton. it was released in the uk in november 2002 and features artwork by glasgow based artist david shrigley. following a licensing deal with manifesto records in the states the band embarked on a five week tour across the states. highlights of the tour included playing a sell out show at the knitting factory in new york and in the legendary great american music hall in san francisco.

their third album, "the sash my father wore and other stories", was released in 2003. its an acoustic album, featuring strings from pete harvey and caroline evens and was recorded at cava studios in glasgow. the title track is a song about bigotry in scotland, not a version of the pipes and drums anthem so beloved by the orangemen gordon just stole the title.

at this point the band said goodbye to keyboardist katie griffiths, whod played with the band for the last five years, who left to move to london and get married.

the band recruited alexa morrison to play keyboards, and also released the single, "past lovers / i lost you, but i found country music" a duet with american country singer laura cantrell.

since the release of their first ep theyve received great acclaim from press and media across the uk. john peel on radio one became a great fan, he invited the band to record sessions for the show four times, including a christmas show broadcast live from johns house. tracks from the band featured in his end of year chart, the festive fifty, for3 years straight.





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I was at this gig and it was naeee bad, I must say. Been into Ballboy now for a few years and wasn't disappointed, I do reckon I was some of the youngest there tho. I was more disappointed in myself for nursing a killer hangover and forced myself to sit at the back 'just in case'.

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Guest idol_wild

I thought Ballboy were pretty damn good.

They reminded me a lot of The Delgados. In a good way.

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Aye I thought they were magic, was chuffed to bits they finished their set off with Donald In The Bushes With A Bag of Glue, wouldn't have been the same if they finished on Public Park.

They played a good variation of their music from the early stuff to the newer stuff, think the early stuff will always be a favourite of mine. Yeah they are a bit, there's a lot of hype on Glasvegas at the moment and when I heard the closing verse of Geraldine, all I thought was Ballboy with a bit of bass ... Personally, I'm not big on Glasvegas like, think Geraldine is the only song I like!

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