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ABDC need new promoter

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Hey Hey, ABDC have parted company with our promoter/agent, we are looking to take a new one on. The band has been travelling all over Scotland this year, and already have bookings in 2009 in England and into Europe.

Does anyone know of a promoter who would take us on, or is anyone reading this interested in taking us on?

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Simply because i don't have the time or contacts I'm afraid. I did it for almost 2 years and was constantly making mistakes because of the amount of time involved, or lack of time i had available even.

Unfortunatley i play in other bands and hold down a very demanding job, in which i have to travel from home quite often, which makes running a travelling band quite difficult I'm afraid.

It's not a case of not having tried, its a case of having failed!

I hope this answers your concerns.

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