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2 False / Empty Marshall Cabs For Converting / Display


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I bought 2 false cabs from R n B music a month or 2 ago but due to me picking up a wem watkins 4x12 recently ive decided that i no longer need them.

They are both full size 4x12s with no back and no speakers bassically the frame with out the back.

my intention was to get 4 speakers in each and rip the little bit of wood covering the speaker holes off and then just buy a plank of wood for the back

total cost around 50 each if i ebayed the speakers.

But having purcashed a wem (yes a real wem 4x12) for 100 off of ebay i no longer found the need to convert them.

hope someone can take them off my hands .

i payed 30 each for then but u can have them for 40 the pair or 20 each.

one is slanted and one is straight.

open to offers will post pics if requested

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post some pics... I like having my cab up high but don't really need a cab on the bottom (and could do with the expense) so maybe a dummy one would do the trick!

got my camera on charge

least with a flase cab it looks good and costs 7 quid cheaper than a 4x12 stand :p

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