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The Exile Studio Vol. 1 - Free download!


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aberdeen-music is proud to announce that we are offering The Exile Studio - Volume 1 compilation album as a completely free download!

The Exile Studio - Volume 1 compilation album was released on the 19th May. It contains 22 bands from around Scotland and is available on limited (numbered) CD for 3 and as a free download (108MB) from this web site. The individual tracks can also be streamed from our Jukebox.

Track listing:

01 Marlow - New York

02 Broken Sunshine - Break through me

03 The Sphygz - For a girl

04 Copy Haho - Cutting out the bad (track not available from this web site)

05 Scunner - Morse Code

06 Free Corps - Deception Kills the Mind

07 Patterns in Pavements - I'm Tired

08 The Marionettes - 138

09 For my Next Miracle - Disco-the-que

10 Valentine - This town is a village

11 Static in the City - An Unseen Truth

12 Finniston - Peace of Mind

13 AKA the Fox - Wasted generation

14 The Fire and I - Just Face it

15 Lorenzo Snow Collective - Nightfalls

16 Dedalus - New One

17 AKA Ska - Geno

18 Get in Get out - Rites of Passport

19 Nailcoat - Rockabilly

20 Cuts - The Silence of you

21 Miss the Occupier - Perfect Side

22 Fiction / Action - DCKNs

For more information about The Exile Recording Studio please visit their web site.

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