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I'm Your God Now

Guitarist (Also possible Singer) looking to join/form Metal band.

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So i've been in Aberdeen for a while and haven't seriously put in alooking for a band, but now that it's Summer and I have a job sorted i'm desperate to get something started.

I'm 21, have been playing guitar for about 7-8 years, plenty of band + gig experience.

Also I may possibly have a singer willing to join/form the band (If needed for joining one).

If starting a band from scratch i'd be looking looking at trying to create as unique as possible; heavy but melodic style of music. I would put down influences but tehres far too many so, i'll just say that a cross between Mastodon, Sikth, Lamb Of God, Still Remains, All That Remains and Machine Head would be the ultimate goal I suppose. I've got a few guitar pieces down just now, just need another guitarist to pitch in with ideas.

I'm not incredibly fussed over the exact style of music if I was to join a band, I have a pretty wide taste in music (as long as it's not that whiny Emo/Post Hardcore or whatever the hell you call it nonsense) but as I said my Ideal style would be something resembling a jumble of the bands above^.

If anyone is interested, be it a bass player, drummer, guitarist or a band looking, gimme a shout via here or email me at:



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