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Bass and Amp for sale/swap

Lawy Lawson:Attorney

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Listen up,

I'm willing to get rid of my Washburn XB-100 bass, which can be seen in the link. Mine is in the plain matte colour. Pretty good condition as it's not used much apart from a couple of minor scratches on the body, but really, those make it look "tough" like it's been in a knife fight but WON!!!1! Not used much, just under a two years old. I'm just way more into playing guitar, and I intend to invest in an acoustic guitar and don't have the space for my Electric guitar, bass and an acoustic guitar.

Since I won't have a bass, I guess I could get rid of my 15w Squire bass amp too!


"Holy shit!" You're thinking, "what a crazy deal, what kind of price are you asking for this?"

Well, my friends, I seek nothing more than $80 (I mean pounds, but can't find the pound sign on a mac keyboard) OR swap for a semi-decent acoustic guitar. G'wan!

PM me if you're intrested.

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