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equal vision records


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on my never-ending hunt for really cool music i can stream from the net i came across the equal vision records website...downloading several mp3s from their ample download section i've come across several pretty kick ass bands of a genre i'm going to make up called indiescreamoemocore. or indiecore for short. and not a harrison ford in sight...

bear vs shark

armor for sleep

time in malta

this day forward

anyone else dig these bands or found out about really great bands via record label websites or suchlike?

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Guest Nikola Tesla

Equal vision are a pretty kool label, especialy for their Converge realeases :headbang::rockon:

But yea anyway i found Bastardised records on the net. They've got Hell child and JapanischeKampfhoerspiele (german grind band) on their roster both are pretty kool.

Also Johnny Morrow's record label is fucking killer too pity i cant remember the name or website:O. But its got My War on it :band:

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