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Dangerfields rocked drakes again last night. Once again the dreaded "we've seen our mates band and are now going home syndrome" took effect !

The tables were moved out and the 4or5 piseed ###### boys got to dance :cheers:

Check out the dangerfields if you get the chance, lets get ######!

:swearing: to eveyone that left and missed the punk rock greatness

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Guest Scott 5FD

The mighty Dangerfields next play Aberdeen on 22nd of July at Drakes with Five Finger Discount, The No Pints, Pocket Billiards and W.O.R.M.

it's 5FD's debut gig.

The Dangerfields are one of my favourite bands, disappointed i missed them last night, but i'll be there on the 22nd.

well my band are playing so i kinda have to be :laughing:

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